Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bunting by the lake

Continuing on  from my last post, I have purchased this book  Sew Your Own Rag Doll  by Cath Kidston. Since this was my first attempt, and not having much time I decided to go for a kit version which is included with the book.

Here is the head and body cut out and ready to piece together.

I decided to add woollen hair that could be combed into different styles. Hopefully later in the week she will also have a dress to wear too!

We went camping at Lake Bala in Wales over the weekend, beautiful views, friends'  birthday celebrations, lakeside walks,  and late nights sat by a  log fire.

Somebody brought lots of bunting,

The fresh air made for a very tired pooch.....We passed this village chapel on one of the walks near the lake,

where I took this photo from the outside of a beautiful stained glass window as I looked  through a window from the other side. The building was locked, but a notice mentioned it was soon to be restored through charitable funds.

The window on the left said Margaret, and the one on the right, Faith. I have never made stained glass, but I intend to go on a course next year.


There were some very old trees near the waters' edge, and this one reminded me of the doorway to a hobbits' house. I could easily picture it painted in a bright colour, with a large door knocker!
Our next trip will be up to The Lakes, at the end of the month.
Here she is so far

I now have to work on the rag dolls' hair, and make some clothes, plus finish a quilt.
Thanks for reading these few lines, and enjoy yourselves, whatever you are making!
Wendy x 


  1. Ooh we have that book. I've made some clothes (I found the patterns really easy to follow, with good results) but I'm waiting for my daughter to make the doll. I would love to have a go, but officially it's her book. I look forward to seeing your 'doll wardrobe' grow. Sarah

  2. Hopefully I will find the patterns easy to follow too! Good luck with your doll.
    Wendy x

  3. Your rag doll is very cute, I look forward to seeing her with wool hair and clothes! Love the 'hobbit tree'!! Wendy x

  4. I will be posting photos this week!
    Wendy x


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