Monday, 7 January 2013

The Wonderful World of Wendy

Best New Year wishes to you all. The beginning of the year usually finds me thinking about new makes, and spurts of domesticity as I like to freshen different rooms up with various bits of fabrics, to hang up, sit on, wrap up cozy in, or just admire!
I love nothing better than a craft/thrifting book to help with ideas and inspirations and lately I have been very lucky to receive three such books,

book number one

book number two
book number three

There is nothing more enjoyable than leafing through and reading  all of the above,  so many ideas,  where does one start!

I started with bringing a wall shelf unit downstairs, putting it on top of another storage unit to give a dresser effect, and now I have somewhere to display pieces of family china, photos, cards etc. I will be painting it cream, and plan to change displays with the Seasons.

I have somewhere to hang little hearts in the shed

hanging hearts
my favourite pinks and greens!

I have been sorting out the dining area, and along with the  wall unit, I have made a garland in blues and greens to go with the china, shells and sea glass. I tried to aim for a watery effect.

These are now hanging in the dining area.

I was so happy to be given these two beautiful cross stitch cushions, when we go camping they will be coming in the van with us.  

A lovely surprise was a sign to put up on the shed, complete with wording

Thank you for all these goodies. I am very lucky indeed!

The weather has got slightly warmer, so I might potter about and put a few winter pansies and evergreens outside the shed. 

I found some fabric bought last year, perfect for another quilt I think. I quite fancy having a go at sort of an eiderdown effect.

Hope January has you inspired to create, and make. 
I am now going to catch up on reading the blogs over at Handmade Monday where there are always lots of gorgeous creations! so why don't you join me.