Monday, 25 March 2013

Thrifty vintage recycled one of a kind makes

Hope you are all managing to keep warm if it is cold where you are. We have had a couple of inches of snow,

but have been very lucky compared to some areas,  especially Scotland.

I was given a lovely gift of a birdfeeder, complete with  nut holder, seed holder,  container for  other foods, and  a couple of trays, the birds are very happy, except when Mr Squirrel comes along. We placed it so it's in view from the kitchen window, and I find myself standing there with cup of coffee in hand watching their antics. A robin likes to stand on one of the trays to peck at the fat balls, and the blackbirds forage for bits of seed on the ground. Meanwhilethe birds take it in turn to feed, whilst others are on guard  on the branches of nearby trees, and Maddy our dog rushes out every so often to see whats left on the ground!

I planted some pretty violas in front of the shed, just before this cold snap.

The first signs of Spring and I can't help wanting to plant something!

Here is a hyacinth in bloom, on the kitchen window ledge, (birdfeeders in background)
On the fabric side of things....
I went for a wander round the charity shops last week, and my eyes quickly spotted some lovely red roses, and with the wave of my magic wand ( well sewing machine), they were turned into this...

A pretty retro style tote bag for Spring and Summer, with grass green lining.

I also found a rather splendid teatowel, a holiday memory from Devon, plus a blue floral cotton skirt, that combined with bits of this and that, eg ribbon and rik rak  now have an alternative life style as aprons ...


One with a red frill, 

and the other with ribbon

Finally I also added a little what not in a hoop to remind me of what I should be doing! Which is why I hope you will take a look at lots of fine makes over at  Handmade Monday

Hope you keep warm, and thankyou for all your comments. It's good to know my little blog is being read.
Wendy x 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Leibster Award

This week I was very happy to be nominated by for a Leibster blog award. I was given a list of questions to answer, so here goes...

Favourite room in the house?...Probably the conservatory, as I do a lot of my sewing in there, then the shed.

Are you a lark or an owl?...I love to get up early, but due to the day job I tend to stay up late as well!
Do you like cooking?...I do like to cook, but it's finding the time. I have been vegetarian for many years, so am quite interested in any new veggie dishes, and always on the lookout for new places to eat.

Favourite film?...I have always enjoyed Last of The Mohicans, and Sleepless in Seattle, and love to visit the cinema regularly.

Do you like shopping?....All depends on what kind of shopping.  If it's the thrifty kind, eg possible fabric finds,  I could cheerfully mooch around all day.  

Travel plans for 2013?...It has to be Cornwall,  a place I could live quite easily. Especially the south- west coast.

Dinner partner? ....Barbara Hepworth

Can you speak any languages other than English?....Not fluently I'm afraid, but passable French, with odd bits of Spanish, and Greek.

Which month is your birthday?....September

Do you have a favourite perfume?...I am rather partial to Vivienne Westwoods' Angleterre, and Naughty Alice, and also like Addict by Dior.

Are you tidy or untidy?....Bit of both really. Though I like to get things straight again when my sewing has finished.

Here are 11 random facts about me.

I have lived a while in California

I am an only child

I have a dog called Maddy

I prefer wearing silver to gold

I like to read in bed before I go to sleep

I love train journeys

I have a Celtic ring tattoo on my back

I love vintage and craft fairs

I like to paint on holiday

I love being near water

I enjoy the transatlantic music sessions on BBC four

Here are the eleven questions to the people I nominate

What is your favourite craft?
Who is your inspiration?
What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite magazine?
Do you have any pets?
What is your favourite song?
Where in the world have you ever wished to live?
Savoury or sweet?
Are you an indoor or outdoor kind of person?
Best find you have ever made?
Who would you be in a previous life?

It is difficult, but here are my eleven nominees.

Ali Bee Creations
Fiddly Fingers
Free Spirit Designs
Hettie Brown
Ginx Craft
Grace Paretree
Quilting Along The Grain
Tania Sneesby
Handbags By Helen

To the blogs I have nominated please try to nominate 11 more blogs yourselves. These are for blogs that have fewer than 200 followers. Hope you can take part.
Wendy x


Monday, 4 March 2013

Vintage quilt finds

This week I posted a quilt to Australia,

and have cut out all and started piecing a quilt that is a combination of new and vintage fabrics.

This quilt will be machine pieced, then hand quilted.  I will be following the triangle shapes to outline quilt, and then quilt around the  rose shapes.

I decided to go up to Lancaster, and  do some thrifty browsing, I was so excited to find this...

This patchwork is made up of vintage fabrics, the size of a single bed, just pieced, so I think I shall make it up into a quilt ,  adding  a border or two.

My other find was this.... 

Very worn, but I love it. I went to a quilting exhibition in York last year, at The Quilters Guild Headquarters featuring quilts sent over by The Red Cross during World War 11, and I thought it looked similar. I have found a label on the back of NBWI , and very faded print of New Brunswick Womens' Institute. The name Buckley is also stamped on, so I shall be trying to learn about its' history. It would be so interesting to find out any details.

Some of the patches have what looks like cats, or dogs, I'm not sure. 

These letters and numbers were also stamped on. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on its' past!
So a wonderful start to the week...and since it's Monday, I will be going over to take a look at  the makes over at   Handmade Monday.
Take time out each day for a little or a lot of creativity!
Wendy x