Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vintage quilt part two

The patchwork quilt I have been working on with the brick style pattern, in vintage greens, pinks and blues has now been pieced together. The backing is  made up using a white fabric printed with roses, and an outer border consists of a lovely pale blue with pink flowers pinned and ready to quilt.

backing fabrics

front of the quilt
hand stitching

Hand quilting in colours to match. Tomorrow I will have lots of stitching to do!

I went to the Harris Museum and Art gallery today, and unexpectedly came across a work shop in progress  entitled
4 The Love Of Cotton.

Various pieces of cotton fabrics were suspended in mid air, including shirts, hand painted intricate designs, tie dye,  cross stitch traditional dress, and a hand stitched quilt, with a cream background, and central motif. The backing was in a deep red colour.

Part of the workshop included using stamps of blue dye onto cotton fabric, in the tradition of  stamps depicting references to where the cotton design came from. Here's mine. Drop in events are also at Manchester and Burnley.
Please go to Twitter@Cotton_Exchange
I would love to read about any exhibitions and creative activities you have attended.
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vintage green quilt

I've been cutting up the fabrics I bought at a vintage fair last week and decided to start a design in a brick pattern.

rescued fabrics

detail of lace mat
pinks coming out of the greens
rose print border

green centre

narrow border fabrics

border sewn in zig-zag stitch
I've not decided yet if I will include the lace mat.  It looks so  delicate on its' own, but I can also see it on the quilt too...

Thank you for all your comments, views and hello to all of you following my blog.  I will add more photos as this quilt progresses. Stopping now to watch the last of Coldplay, one of my favourite bands !  I have just started to take part in Handmade Monday, so click on the link  in the sidebar to read about lots of talented people ! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

retro rose quilt

Here are some photos of my finished retro roses quilt.
Patchwork roses
Showing border  and quilting details

Here is the rose sprig backing fabric

Front and reverse of the quilt

I am pleased with the way this quilt has come together. During September I will be selling this quilt on its' own, or in combination with the other roses quilt at a reduced price.

Today I went to a vintage and craft fair  in Preston as part of the Guild celebrations ,  and  came across a  gorgeous yellow  tea set

Tea for two ?

A splitie selling divine cakes

cakes and camper vans


And knitted pieces in unexpected places !

Plus I just could not resist the call of fabric bits and pieces saying "take me home, you know you want to !" So I did, but that's for another day .... and another quilt....
It's handmade Monday, an opportunity to look at other lovely blogs and this is my first contribution!