Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Retro Roses

Here is a piece in progress. It's been pinned together and I'm ready to start quilting. I think this one will be hand and machine quilted. I love the old-fashioned feel to these squares of fabric I have cut.
Retro rose fabric
ready to quilt

I have added white borders around the squares, I'm possibly going to add strips of rose fabric, and embroideries, to the borders when the quilting is done. 


  1. I love roses and your quilt looks wonderful


  2. Thank you Pauline. Please let me know what you think as I add further photos with more work on the quilt.


  3. Very pretty fabrics. This will be an heirloom one day :o)

  4. Thank you Carolyn. Still working on the quilt. I have stitched an inner border of leaves, and am now putting together another edging border. I read your new post yesterday. Wonderful as always !


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