Thursday, 7 June 2012

Opening of my shop on Luulla

Just a short note to let you know that I have recently listed items, including quilts, bags and blankets on the Luulla web site.

Please take a look. It's a very friendly site, with lots of lovely goodies to look at, including these reversible japanese knot bags I have recently made.

I am looking forward to attending a quilt exhibition in Leyland next week, and hope to post my visit there of some wonderful quilts.

I have decided to look into having an outside sewing room, as the area I use now will be incorporated into a kitchen next year, so hopefully everything will be contained under one roof....for a while anyway. These things tend to spread don't they !  Any picture examples of sewing rooms, studios etc, would be helpful, Mollie Makes magazine have the last page of each edition inviting a peek into a home studio which is great for ideas !


  1. Cute bags. Congrats on the opening of your shop!

    1. Thankyou Jenny. I hope to add some more things soon x

  2. Wonderful bags, good news on the opening of you shop.


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