Saturday, 27 August 2011

Welcome to Alice And Florence - A place for handmade quilts-blankets-crafty things-inspiration- and travels

Hello and welcome to Alice And Florence !

All of my life I have loved to make things by hand, including sewing, needlecrafts, painting and drawing. I have been interested and passionate about quilts, and patchwork since I joined a quilting group in California where I lived for several years.

I love going to quilt and textile exhibitions in particular, and find it hard to walk past a fabric shop, or charity shop, (great places to find possible works in progress or an excuse to begin one).  If  I do walk past I usually retrace my steps !  The same applies to bookshops, especially the craft section are hard to ignore,  as are vintage and craft fairs. I recently went to one and came away with a large quilt that had sadly been cut in half, but amin the process of  making a crib quilt from one piece, and hope to use fabric from the other bits to put towards a recycled quilt.

I live in the Northwest of England,  in Lancashire and welcome information on exhibitions, craft fairs etc.

These are places that value and promote  hand made crafts. This is a quilt based on a beach theme that I recently completed.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

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