Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cornish quilt

Where has this past month gone? I find it hard to believe that June is almost upon us. I have a few weeks to catch up with. So here goes..... I have just spent a week in Cornwall, down by Trewellard, near Pendeen and St. Just. I have made up a quilt top that reminds me of the sea and seaweed and mussel shells washed up on the shore.

The cottage we stayed at was a 10 minute walk to the sea, a beautiful coast road surrounded by the Cornish hedges blooming with late Spring flowers and wildlife. I couldn't resist taking this photo of a snail shell, hidden amongst the gorze.

Sea thrift,


The walk to the seapath


sea pinks


I love the pink, greens, blues and yellows of the sea thrift, bluebells, ferns and the yellow gorze. I visited a fabric shop in St. Just and bought some fat quarters to go towards making a quilt where the colours remind me of the hedges and walk to the coast.

I cut the fabric into squares, and will be adding different borders.

Also added was a little miniature cross stitch, found in a thrift shop in Marazion.

We called in for a delicious cooked breakfast at the Kegan Teg at the market square in St. Just.

I went to St.Ives, and had a look in Poppy Trefferys' lovely shop full of goodies, and bought a pretty badge brooch with a little daisy on it, no photo as it was part of a birthday present.

I popped into the Seasalt shop

where the other half of the present was purchased, a beautiful scarf, based
 on flowers that grow in The Scilly Isles. The clothes seasalt sell are very much to my liking, and in between thrift shop bargains I treat my self to an occasional item from them. I bought a rather handy jacket with hood in a sea blue colour.  

I took a couple of hoops with me to work on while staying at the cottage, I will be adding bits of fabric to this one.

and writing on this one which reminds me of the stripes on deckchairs.

The views from the cottage in the evening where there were a lots of coast magazines to read in front of the   


Whist at the cottage I received an email from the person who ordered a quilt I mentioned in my last blog. They were very happy with it, which made me happy too! 
We also took a small boat ride across the Helford River, and spent an enjoyable few hours sat outside a pub, a waitress went past with bowls of hand cut chips that looked so good I ordered some too. Rather yummy especially since we had such a beautiful view. I should have taken a photo but didn't want the food to go cold!

A great time was had by all. So much so we are going again in September to celebrate my birthday!
Hopefully my next blog will follow shortly. Probably including more about Cornwall. I have been reading lots of my favourite bloggers posts, and thank you for reading mine. 
Wendy x 


  1. This looks like the perfect getaway, and what a sunset! My parents often go to the Helford River for their holidays. Did you know that Roger Taylor from Queen has a home there? Take care. Chel x

    1. Your parents are in good company with Roger Taylor then! Will be going again in September..

  2. Such lovely pictures and what a lovely idea to make quilts to remind you of the colours of your trip. Beautiful :) x

    1. Thank you..I love to go fabric hunting with various ideas in mind.

  3. Sounds like the most wonderful type of holiday ever ... how I love that part of the countryside on the coast road between St. Ives and St. Just ... I love to take the open top bus. My friend used to live at Trewellard so I know it well. Lovely photos and loved hearing all about your lovely time in my part of the world. The quilt is a beautiful memory ... the colours just perfect to match the flowers at this time of year. A lovely post!


  4. Thank you. I am thoroughly enjoying making this quilt, and it won't be too long before we are down there again in September. It's such a lovely place as you well know!

    Wendy x

  5. wow... I adore all your handiwork. It has inspired me to try and make a quilt! I have been busily hand-sewing bunting (which has made a nice change from the sewing machine) for my campervan. Thank you for following my blog, I am looking forward to following yours :-)

  6. Thanks alot.I enjoy making bunting too. There are so many variations to make it up in, and a great way to use up left over materials. It adds an air of celebration as soon as it's strung up! I am still working on the Cornish quilt, in between other makes, I must remember to take more photos as I go along.
    Wendy x


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