Thursday, 14 February 2013

Heartfelt sewing

Today I was given a gift that is both beautiful and useful. It came in its' very own box.

The box has a tiny clasp...

Inside there is a  lining of silk on one half, and velvet on the other, in a very rich cerise colour.

There was the gift of a silver thimble, in a pretty daisy design.

There is the tiniest of pin holes in the top.  So far I think it was made in Halifax by a Charles Horner, and sold by Constantine and  Floyd based in Birmingham and Chester. The design was for Princess May, and the pattern was simply named Daisy. This means such a lot to me for our family history.
I would love to know who were the previous owner/owners of this thimble, and what things they may have made and sewn. The thimble fits perfectly, and I shall treasure it, use it, love it, then pass it on.

A lovely card by 

was gratefully received. I love the style and colours!

Here are some pictures of a quilt I made that will be up for sale shortly. Showing hand quilted hearts just for today.

and some hand quilted daisies to keep with todays' theme.

Hope your week is going well, I shall try and catch up with some of my favourite writers, and makers.
Wendy x 


  1. What a beautiful thimble and the quilt looks beautiful. Gorgeous fabric.
    Ali x

  2. Thank you. I'm looking forward to some hand quilting!

  3. What an intricate thimble and such an intriguing box. Beautiful. Chel

    1. I think so too. I will be sewing on a quilt with it tomorrow.
      Wendy x

  4. What a wonderful gift to receive ... something to treasure forever.
    M x

  5. It will be! I have been using it for some hand quilting today. The sun has been shining and it really does feel like Spring is on the horizon.
    Wendy x


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